Monetizing with a Software License NFT
Before creating a License, make sure to check out the core concept page here for important background info πŸ‘‡

Creating the License

You can use Valist to create a Software License NFT that enables you to directly monetize your game or software fairly. To create a License, navigate to the dashboard and click Create New > License:
Creating a License is very similar to creating a Project. You can set an image, and give the license a name. This name must be unique, and will be used to generate a License ID (Token ID) for later. Set a price here in MATIC (payment in ERC-20 coming soon), and set a description.
Once you create the License, you can navigate to your Dashboard and click the Licenses tab to view the License ID/Token ID you just created:
You can use this ID as an ERC1155 Token ID for checking balances. Feel free to interact with it as a standard ERC1155 contract using any of your preferred tools!

Token gating your software

Click below to learn how to token gate your release and start fairly monetizingπŸ‘‡