💱Configuring Pricing for your Products

The Valist Web Dashboard gives you an easy way to configure Software License NFTs, set pricing, supply limits, and more.

The Pricing & Product features are evolving quickly! Expect frequent feature enhancements and interface changes 🚀

To configure your Software License NFT products, navigate to your Valist Project and click on the Pricing button:

This will take you to a page with 3 sections: Pricing, Royalty, and Withdraw:


The Pricing tab has a few different options for you to manage your product.

Max License Limits

The first option you will see is the Max License Limit -- this value allows you to set a max supply for the Software License NFT you're creating. By default, this is 0, or unlimited.

Adding Payment Currencies

By clicking the Add Currency button, you will be able to enable various supported ERC20-tokens on the Polygon network.

This list is provided as a convenient, verified list, but custom tokens are also supported! This is especially useful if you have an in-game currency, or protocol token.

Once you add the tokens you wish to accept as payments, you will see them appear in the list:

You can then individual set each token price. This will automatically enable these currencies in the Checkout flow!


The Royalty tab allows you to configure resale royalty settings for your Product.

Once you configure this, your Software License NFT will comply with the ERC-2981 Royalty Standard -- so any supported marketplaces like Valist and OpenSea will respect the standard!

Withdrawing Funds

The Withdraw tab shows your token balances across your accepted payment currencies, and enables you to withdraw a specific amount like so:

The funds are stored in the Software License NFT contract, and any Valist Account admin can trigger this function call, so be mindful who you give access!

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