🌐Web Dashboard

The Valist Web Dashboard is your one-stop place to see all of your Valist Accounts, Projects, and Releases. It allows you to both publish software, as well as discover and download new software.

Once you've logged in, created an account and a project, you will see a familiar, Vercel/Netlify-like interface.

If you haven't created an account or project yet, visit the following page to learn how:

🚀Creating an Account & Project

The Dashboard

On the Dashboard, the top left corner enables you to switch between your Valist Accounts (currently selected, acme-co). The center shows the list of projects within this account, and the right hand side shows the list of Members in the Account, and any recent activity.


Depending on your Project Type in your project settings, you will see two different upload screens when creating a Release.

If you've chosen web as your project, you will see a standard drag-and-drop uploader that you can use to upload your app's build folder (see Publishing Web Apps for more).

If you've chosen native or cli, the uploader will show buttons for the supported platform/architecture combinations (see Publishing Binaries & Executables for more).

All you need to do is name your release with an immutable tag, and select your files:

If you're uploading a web project, you will see the following uploader:

If you chose native or cli, you will see:

Once you click Create it will upload all of the files to IPFS, then fire off a meta-transaction request to finalize the Release on-chain!

For more information about how to create a release, visit the Publishing section for more examples:

🌐Publishing Web Apps

Congratulations, you've now published a web3-native software release! 🚀 time to show off your project to the world (and in our community Discord server!)

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