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After you have created an organization, you are ready to create a repository. Creating a repository allows you to mange, publish, and retrieve your software releases on Valist.

If you have not created an organization yet, don't worry -- creating a repository will automatically prompt you to create the parent organization if it doesn't exist.


To create a new repository on from the CLI, call valist create and pass it your organization and repository name.

valist create [org-name]/[repo-name]


To create a new repository using the Valist SDK, create a new javascript file containing the following:

  import Valist from '@valist/sdk';
  const HDWalletProvider = require('@truffle/hdwallet-provider');

  const key = "<key>";
  const orgName = "<orgName>";
  const repoName = "<repoName>";
  const metaData = {
      name: 'Awesome Project',
      description: 'The coolest project in the world',
      homepage: 'https://cool.project',
      repository: '',

  const web3Provider = new HDWalletProvider({
    privateKeys: [key],
    providerOrUrl: '',

  const valist = new Valist({ web3Provider });

  (async () => {
    const { transactionHash } = await valist.createRepository(orgName, repoName, metaData);