CLI Quick Start
Easily publish and download Valist Releases with the Valist CLI.
The Valist CLI allows you to easily publish, download, and install releases from the command line! It's a great way to easily work with releases without navigating through a frontend. You can also use it to integrate your existing CI/CD workflows.


The Valist CLI supports all of the core functionality of Valist, including:
  • Secure key management with keytar​
  • Publishing releases, for example valist publish acme-co/go-binary/0.0.1 dist/*
  • Downloading releases, for example valist download acme-co/go-binary
  • Gasless meta-transactions powered by OpenGSN​


To install the CLI, you will need Node.js v16+ installed.
npm install -g @valist/cli

Importing a key into the CLI wallet

The Valist CLI supports importing the following key formats:
  • Private Key Hex string
  • Encrypted JSON Keystore (MyCrypto, Geth, etc)
  • Mnemonic phrase
To import your key into your secure keystore, run the following:
valist import
This will prompt you to import the key into your system's secure credential storage. You will then be able to use this key for publishing.
Your key is only accessible by you -- this simply copies your key into your system's native secure keystore.

Create an account & project

To publish with the CLI, you first need to create an account & project at the Web Dashboard.
For more information, visit:

Publishing a Release

Publishing a Release with the CLI is very simple. You simply need to give it the account/project/tag path to publish at, and the set of files to include in the Release.
The format is the following:
valist publish <username>/<project>/<version> <folder>/**
An example of this looks like:
valist publish acme-co/go-binary/0.0.1 dist/**
You can also include multiple folders and files. The file paths support glob patterns as well:
valist publish acme-co/go-binary/0.0.2 dist/** src/**
This will upload the files to IPFS, and trigger the publish. Meta-transactions are enabled by default, so you won't need to spend any gas.
This is a flexible and simple way to publish in any environment that supports Node.js!

Downloading a Release

Downloading a Release with the CLI is just as easy.
Simply provide the release path, and it will download a .tar bundle containing the Release:
valist download acme-co/go-binary/0.0.1
If you don't specify a tag, the CLI will automatically download the latest Release:
valist download acme-co/go-binary
Voila! This will fetch the Release metadata and the corresponding artifacts from IPFS into your working directory.