Publishing a Release
Before publishing a Release, make sure to check out the core concept page here for important background info πŸ‘‡

Publishing the Release

Now for the fun part! Let's publish a release to your new project.
To get started, click Publish Release from the dashboard:
To publish a release, you can select the Account and Project that it's published under, and name the release with any arbitrary tag.
We recommend using SemVer or CalVer, but you can use any versioning system you'd like (i.e., "v1" or "Pro Edition").
Click the upload box to select the files you want to upload. This will prompt you to tag each file. You can specify os/arch as the file tag, and Valist installers can detect the right combination. Otherwise, you can name the file anything you'd like. Once you click Publish Release, your files will be uploaded to IPFS and you will be prompted to sign another message.
Once the transaction succeeds, you can navigate to your Project page to download it! Clicking the Download dropdown will display the files that you tagged in the release.
You can also navigate to the Versions tab to see all published versions.
Congratulations! You've successfully published software in an entirely web3-native way! If you're not monetizing this software directly (it's open source, free, etc), you're done! If you want to sell a game, or another kind of software, navigate to the next page to learn how to create a Software License and token-gate your software.
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