Creating an Account
Before creating an Account, make sure to check out the core concept page here for important background info πŸ‘‡

Creating the Account

To create an account, navigate to the Web Dashboard, then login using your preferred wallet using the top-right dropdown:
Sign-in using your preferred wallet. Valist currently supports MetaMask, WalletConnect, and passwordless email login powered by
Note: We are currently having issues with Ledger + MetaMask due to the way Ledger signs meta transactions
You will be prompted to create a new account for the first time. The right hand side will preview the changes you make on the left before creating the account.
Remember: The Beneficiary address receives all funds associated with the sale of Software Licenses, as well as donations. The Members field is a new-line separated list of addresses that will become the Account Admins.
Below is an example of a filled out account form. In this case, there are two Account Admins that will control the web3-buidlers username.
Once you click Create Account, you will be prompted to sign a meta-transaction. This allows you to use the system without paying gas, making your life easier!
Once the transaction succeeds, you will be redirected to create a project! πŸš€
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