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Fetching & Installing Software


To download a release artifact from the Web UI, navigate to the target repository's profile page (<orgName>/<repoName>), and then choose your desired release from the release list.



Artifacts can be downloaded using the Valist SDK by filling in a web3 provider and running the following code:

const Valist = require('@valist/sdk');

(async () => {
  const valist = new Valist({ web3Provider: YOUR_WEB3_PROVIDER, metaTx: false });
  await valist.connect();

  const releases = await valist.getReleases('valist', 'sdk');

  const latest = await valist.getLatestRelease('valist', 'sdk');


Check out our example repo here for more!

NPM Registry

Every node repo type published on Valist is accessible via the relay API at

To install a package directly from a repository simply append the npm --registry flag:

npm install <examplePackage> --registry=

Or set a Valist relay as your default NPM registry:

npm config set registry