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Fetching & Installing Software


To download a release artifact from the Web UI, navigate to the target repository's profile page (<orgName>/<repoName>), and click versions, then choose your desired release from the release list.



Artifacts can be downloaded using the Valist SDK by filling in a web3 provider and running the following code:

const Valist = require('@valist/sdk');

(async () => {
  const valist = new Valist({ web3Provider: YOUR_WEB3_PROVIDER, metaTx: false });
  await valist.connect();

  const releases = await valist.getReleases('valist', 'sdk');

  const latest = await valist.getLatestRelease('valist', 'sdk');


Example Node SDK Project

NPM Registry

Every npm repo type published on Valist is accessible via the relay API at

To install an npm package, you'll need to link your organization to the Valist registry, then install!

echo @acme-co:registry= >> .npmrc

npm i @acme-co/npm-example