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Creating a Repository

After you have created an organization, you are ready to create a repository. Creating a repository allows you to mange, publish, and retrieve your software releases on Valist.


To create a new repository on from the CLI, call valist repo:new and pass it your organization and your repository name.

valist repo:new orgName repoName


To create a new repository from the web interface navigate to the Valist dashboard and login.

Next, from your dashboard, select the organization that you would like to create a repository under.


On the repository page, click Create Project.


Fill out your repositories Shortname, Type, and Description and click Create Project. Keep in mind if you are logged in with MetaMask, you will be prompted for a signature confirmation.



To create a new repository using the Valist SDK, create a new javascript file containing the following:

  import Valist from '@valist/sdk';
  const HDWalletProvider = require('@truffle/hdwallet-provider');

  const key = "<key>";
  const orgName = "<orgName>";
  const repoName = "<repoName>";
  const metaData = {
      name: 'Awesome Project',
      description: 'The coolest project in the world',
      homepage: 'https://cool.project',
      repository: '',
      projectType: 'binary',

  const web3Provider = new HDWalletProvider({
    privateKeys: [key],
    providerOrUrl: '',

  const valist = new Valist({ web3Provider });

  (async () => {
    const { transactionHash } = await valist.createRepository(orgName, repoName, metaData);